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Listen In Your Own Media Player

For practically all browsers, the way they handle MP3 files (play them, download them or ask you what to do) is usually in the Settings / Options / Preferences for the browser


As a general rule you should be able to right-click the DJ name on either the Timetable or the Reloaded pages and there should be an option to save the file where you want to....


if not..... try this!


Internet Explorer:


Right-Clicking on the DJ name should give you the option to "Save Target As..." - if not and it just plays the file go to Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types

then find and select "MP3" then > Advanced and check that "Confirm open after download" is ticked and "OK" - re-start Internet Explorer




Again, a simple right-click & “Save Link As...” should work, if not, in Firefox go Tools > Options > Applications - find "MP3 Audio (audio/mpeg)" then in the box next to it you can tell Firefox what to do with MP3's, play, save or ask you at the time




Click the DJ name, a player window will open & start playing the file, just hit "Ctrl + S" together and you will be able to save the file




Right-click the DJ name and you should see "Download Linked File As..."




Again a right-click on the DJ name and you should see "Save linked content as..." - if not then just click it and when it starts playing, same as in Chrome, hit "Ctrl + S" together